About Us


The North Florida Chapter of MPI was established in 1995 and consists of approximately 150 members. It has a strong mix of planner members including corporate, association and third party independent planners. Our membership is rounded out by suppliers and hospitality partners. MPI North Florida serves meeting planners in the Greater Jacksonville area, south to Daytona and West through the Florida panhandle. Meetings are regularly held in the Jacksonville area and Tallahassee.

Vision Statement

MPI North Florida builds connections through our regional community of students, meetings and hospitality industry professionals by delivering knowledge, ideas and resources with a worldwide network.


To make our members successful by building human connections through:

  • Knowledge/ Ideas
  • Relationships
  • Marketplaces


Strategic Imperatives


The Vision is activated by four strategies:

  • EVOLVE to a global community
  • REINVENT our business relationship with chapters
  • ELEVATE the member conversation and experience
  • BUILD a great organization